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Latest Guildford reviews & Special Offers

1 Day Ago

Assure Locksmiths Ltd

Special Offer

Valid until: 30/11/2014

8 Days Ago

Shurgard Self Storage - Camberley - 01276 914 871

Special Offer

Valid until: 30/09/2014

10 Days Ago

Guildford Window Cleaning Services

Avoid this service. The guy who runs it (Ben) quoted £35 to clean my windows / gutters. On the day he upped this to £100 for no reason. When I said this was excessive for 2 hours work he became abusive and aggressive. I obtained two quotes to show that he was overpriced but he threatened to come to my house and not leave until he got his cash. In the end I paid him the £100 to protect my family.

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

19 Days Ago

Biocraft Ltd

I recently got home from holiday only to find that I had a fractured overhead water pipe and the place was a mess. Biocraft got involved and I cannot say how glad I am that they did they were outstanding. The whole flat had to be stripped out due to the amount of water in the walls and the floor and then a long drying out period took place, obviously due to the amount of water from the fractured pipe. Well I am now home with a lovely new kitchen a fabulous new bathroom and the whole flat looks immaculate all due to Biocraft, their workmanship was, without a doubt, excellent and Brian the fitter was just exceptional. "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

22 Days Ago

MLI Building Products

Special Offer

Valid until: 02/09/2015

43 Days Ago

Guildford Taxis

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/12/2014

74 Days Ago

Chipsaway Guildford

Special Offer

Valid until: 30/09/2014

86 Days Ago

Bounce UK

Never turned up for my daughters 4th birthday party. No phone call or email explanation! Try explaining that to a 4 year old, absolute disgrace!! Won't even respond to my voicemails!! Mickey Mouse bouncy castle company, don't deserve to be trading!

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

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